10 Faptastic Pictures of Audrina Patridge To Wet Your Whistle for the Holidays

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Audrina Patridge doesn’t have much talent, but what she does have is a near perfect body and low morals.  She’s not afraid to flaunt what she’s got to get ahead in Hollywood, and for that, we thank her.  She’s probably most well known for being one of the wanna-be-rich cast members of various MTV reality shows such as The Hills.  I think she may even had a spin off show of her own, or two.  I don’t know, it’s too hard to keep track these days.  All I really know is that there is no shortage of fap material if she is your thing.  I’ve collected some of the best for you here.  Let’s do a little progression here from nice to naughty.

1.  Here’s a nice little screen cap of Audrina with her legs in the air and some nice lingerie.


2.  Here we have her looking damn sexy on the street.  Sometimes women look better dressed.


3.  Let’s get to it.  Here’s what she’s working with on the front side.  Dayum.

Audrina Patridge Hot and Bikini Photoshoot8

4.  And now the backside.  Not bad, semi-pancakes though.  We should stick to the front.


5.  Here’s is another bikini shot from the front.  Do I spot a camel toe?


6.  Yep!


7.  Whoa there cowboy!  Check out them titties!


8.  Lean back, show them to the world.  That’s right.


9.  We better take a closer look at those…


10.  And finally let’s see that backside that wasn’t so impressive last time.


Okay, I take it back.  I wouldn’t say no to that bent over my bed.