10 Sexy Photos of Anchorman Actress Christina Applegate

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We saw Anchorman 2 this weekend (not recommended, unless you want to see Christina…?) – and couldn’t help but notice how sexy Christina Applegate is. She’s been in a handful of TV shows and movies over the years, but we’re pretty sure we’ve only ever seen her in the first Anchorman, and now this one. And in honor of her sexy looks, here are 10 faptastic photos of Christina Applegate:


Here’s Christina in an awesome jacket from the set of Anchorman. That hair, hot damn!


Here’s another one, catching her at a bit of a weird angle, but she still looks very do-able we’d say.


Now this is one sexy photo of Christina – look at that smile and those lips, phew!


Talk about some sexy eyes – a real Scandanavian bombshell.


Pretty sure she’d eat your soul here – and probably ride you to death.


Thought we’d include a little side boob action – close to a nip slip eh?


Another from the side. and a nice view of her upper back, if you’re into that sorta thing.


Christina is lookin’ pretty buff here – I think she might throw guys around in the sack.


A good vintage 80’s here… she has aged well.


And to really wet your whistle, a nice photo of Christina Applegate nude showing off her perfect rack and nipples. We’d suck those things for days.