Kate Winslet In The Nude Titanic Scene

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It’s hard to forget Kate Winslet’s hot scene in The Titanic because she looked hot as hell in it. Although, it’s been years since this movie, she has proven herself to be one of Hollywood’s goddesses. Ms. Winslet’s character in the movie was a socialite that had everything in the world in her hands and she played the role well alongside Leo. This scene is one of her most provocative shots she’s ever played in her career since. She sits there coyly as she is being drawn by her lover – it doesn’t get more romantic than that folks!

Since her Titanic days playing the lovely Rose, she has since won an Oscar and his been living the dream. She also is a gender equality activist who is no stranger to voicing her opinion on the topic. She is a strong woman that only gets better looking as she ages, like a fine wine, many would say.