Socialite Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape

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Paris Hilton could be a symbol of everything that’s wrong with America.  She’s a blonde bimbo with no brain but who happens to be the heiress of a hotel empire and is pretty damn hot to boot.  It’s just a pity she’s using her powers for such trivial purposes.

Paris is famous for “accidentally’ releasing her sex  tape right before a show of hers came out, The Simple Life.  I’m not gonna lie the tape has it’s grainy parts, with some night vision and less-than-impressive camera work, but you do get a great blowjob in the mix and Paris does have a fabulous body.  She’s smoking the dick of Rick Salomon in the film, ex-exec of Warner Brothers, who had a fling with the previous reigning tart of silly sexdom, Pamela Anderson.  Perhaps it was his idea to release the film?  Either way it paid off big time as now Paris Hilton is one of America’s most recognizable faces.

The film itself has some good head and decent doggy style.  Paris is obviously into it and has an eff-me smile going on the whole time.  I’m hoping she allows herself to do it one more time in the future because by now she’s probably got a couple new tricks up her sleeve – plus I hope she leaves the night vision camera out of it.

Here are some nasty images below of the tape, enjoy!

hilton_tapeParis Hilton tapeparis_hilton_sex_tape2 parishilton_tape paris-hilton-nude-sex-tape

“That’s hot” – Paris Hilton