The Top 10 Sexiest Lena Headey Photos

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You may not recognize this name… Lena Headey – but if you’ve ever heard of 300, Game of Thrones, or Dredd (the latest Judge Dredd remake), Lena Headey has graced your screen. The strong-featured gorgeous woman really blasted onto the scene in 300, as the wife of Leonidas (Gerard Butler). She has grown more popular ever since, with a leading role as Cersei in the HBO series Game of Thrones. In her honor, we have collected 10 of the hottest Lena Headey photos we could find. Both nude, and non-nude, enjoy!


We decided to start with an oldie but a goodie – Lena Headey in thigh-highs and underwear. Hot damn.


Striking features on this one, we’d say.


Check out Lena’s bone structure, gorgeous cheekbones and strong feminine jawline.


Short-hair is not usually our preference around here, but Lena pulls it off (of course).


Lena Headey in Game of Thrones as Cersei. Mmm.


Lena giving the eyebrow as Cersei in Game of Thrones.


The wife of Leonidas in 300.


Finally, Lena Headey nude. Here we have some nice boob shots of Lena riding Gerard.


Now she’s on her back and letting those nipples fly – she’s either cold or pretty excited…


We saved the best for last – Lena Headey taking it from behind. Look at that face!